Real life photos for fun-loving families.

Let's ditch cheesey, posed and fake, and let them be fun, wild and real.


Real life photos for fun-loving families.

Let's ditch cheesey, posed and fake, and let them be fun, wild and real.

What if you could have beautiful, relaxed, real life photos of your new baby, without setting foot in a studio, and without looking cheesy or fake?

What if you were IN those family photos, and those photos you absolutely adore were IN your family home, bringing a smile to your face every single day (even the days that are long and loud)?

If you’ve been putting newborn photos in the too hard basket, because leaving the house is hard, older kids are hard, knowing what day it is, is hard, then it’s time we had a heart to heart.

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janett family newborn photos
swaddled newborn baby in basket crib

Let me guess...

You’ve seen those cute newborn pics of babies in flower pots, or balancing like a frog on their tiny little arms – and thought “awww that’s a bit cute”, but maybe also “eeek that’s a bit awkward, is that really my only option?”

The thing is, newborn photos, like any other chapter of life, should celebrate exactly how this chapter feels for you and your family. Of all life’s beautiful chapters, this very first ‘Chapter One’ for your baby – is also the one that flies past us tired Mums in the blink of an eye.

Does this sound familiar?

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

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newborn photos with family on Gold Coast

How would you feel, knowing…

What if your newborn photos weren’t all ‘whose baby is that dressed as a sunflower?’, and you could choose your own adventure?

Your family, your story, YOU choose how we tell it…

sleepy newborn elsie held by mum at home on gold coast

The ‘Beginning of Us’ Newborn Session

A short and sweet session for families wanting to capture this chapter in a real and honest way.

This session will capture photos of bub and all their little features, as well as relaxed family photos in the comfort of your own home (usually in 1-2 rooms of the house).

This one’s for you if…


  • 45 minute relaxed photography session
  • Your full gallery of 30+ stunning digital images


baby grace with toddler girl jumping on bed
sweet family newborn session at home with parents and dog

All sessions include-

  • Session planning questionnaire and/or phone call
    (so your session is actually tailored to YOU, and doesn’t look like the stock photo in your Ikea frame)
  • Styling advice (if needed, or if you’re all still in your PJ’s, that’s cool too!)
  • Photography session (where we soak in your newborn love bubble, and make magic!)
  • Downloadable slideshow to music (the best part!)
  • Your full gallery of images to download in high resolution, no having to pick favourites or leaving photos you love behind (they are all yours, so you can do whatever you want with them!)
  • A professional online print shop, linked directly to your gallery
    (in case you prefer printing photos from bed in your PJ’s)
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Don’t just take my word for it…

I booked Heidi in for a newborn shoot when our baby was 2 weeks old – and it’s the best decision we made! While I was hesitant it’d be a bit early amidst the newborn chaos, Heidi made us feel completely at ease. She worked with our routine at home and took photos around that – it was completely relaxed and comfortable. And the images are absolutely beautiful! She captured that precious moment in time so perfectly. Once you meet Heidi, you’ll feel like you’ve known her for years. We will definitely be booking Heidi again for future family milestones – highly recommend!


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heidi talic family photographer fun with kids

So why would you trust ME with your family photos?

Hey, I’m Heidi!

Many clients say that having me over to capture their family feels like a regular Sunday arvo, and ‘Heidi was like an old friend who popped by with her camera.’

THIS is exactly how it should feel, no pressure to perform, or behave or be anyone other than your wonderfully, beautifully, chaotically imperfect selves.

You may secretly think that your life is boring, or wild or weird – but I assure you, I don’t care!

I’m not some magical judgemental photography unicorn there to expose your imperfect family.

These photos are for you, and for them, and those weird and wild and boring parts of everyday life are the things you’ll hold onto in 20 years time, and say ‘remember when… how good were those days’.

As my boys get older, I know each nudie run or bedtime hug or fart noise or hand reaching out for mine, is numbered.

The photos we will create together are the EXACT kind of photos that I crave & always make sure I capture for my own family. Over the last 7 years, 500 families have trusted me to document their unique story for them, and gosh I know you want this too.

heidi talic gold coast photographer portrait

Kind Words

newborn baby imogen held by smiling mum

Frequently Asked Questions…

If you want to capture your bub when they’re brand new, book a session as soon as you can. I only take on 4 newborns a month, so I’m able to be flexible if they need to be rescheduled. My sessions however are very relaxed and don’t require bub to be asleep to perform any crazy baby yoga positions, so even if your bub is 4-6 weeks old by the time you are feeling up to photos, they will absolutely still capture all that new baby love.

Yes, absolutely! Often babies don’t like to stick to their due date, and that is SO fine. I usually recommend booking your session for 2 weeks after your due date, and if bub comes early or late, or you just need more time to settle in at home, we can work out an available date to move the session.

Yes, absolutely! If you have older kids and would love to include some other activities, playing in their rooms, in the yard etc, you are welcome to include your newborn photos as part of the ‘Real Life’ Family Session or the ‘Day in the Life’ Family Session. Check out my Family Session info HERE.

I truly believe that your baby’s first home is worth remembering, even if it is not your forever home, even if the baby’s room isn’t finished, even if it doesn’t belong in a magazine. We usually just stick to a couple of rooms- the living room, main bedroom and/or baby’s room, so as long as they have a window, that is all I really need. How much you choose to clean up (or not!) on your limited sleep is totally up to you, I can get in really close and make it all about your love and connection, and avoid any parts of your home you prefer to forget! If you really don’t want photos at home, we can go to a park or beach, we just keep bub rugged up and find a cosy spot to snuggle up on a rug.

Absolutely! If you are a solo Mum, or your partner just cannot be convinced to participate, then we can absolutely make your session all about you and the kids, your favourite things to do together, the slow moments and the wild ones. Some of my favourite photos of my boys and I are the ones of ‘just us’, lazy mornings at home or exploring together on our own.

Is family life ever perfect? Your kids want to see you, with them, so they can hold those memories and feelings in their hearts. You may never lose those 5 kilos, you may never re-paint that feature wall, and that is okay. Your kids don’t care, time goes fast, don’t wait. (or if you’re like me, a photoshoot is a great deadline haha).

Great question – click here to find out about how we can work together.

Generally my shoot days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am, but I can be flexible with this.
Thursday, Friday and Saturdays by request only, please DO ask!

I’m a mum of two very energetic boys, I get it, the more you tell them what to do, the less they want to do it! I usually start with a few ‘everyone look at the camera’ shots and then the rest of the session is pretty chilled out. I might give some suggestions for things to do, or more photogenic places to go, but generally I just let the kids play and explore. Often the best photos are when your kid is doing the thing that makes them most happy! And if meltdowns happen (and they will!) I may take an adorable photo of that, and then we can take a little break or head on a different adventure.

Absolutely! I have a golden retriever, he is our baby, I couldn’t imagine having family photos without him! Of course if your photos are at home, you’re welcome to include all your pets- dogs, cats, horses, chickens, goats, lizards, the more the merrier!

For past clients who have had a full family or newborn session with me I offer a $100 discount off your chosen session. If my sessions aren’t within your current budget, keep an eye out for one of my mini sessions by joining the Fun Mum Photo Club (free to join!) as they will be announced there first.

You are more than welcome to pay off your session in installments. It’s so easy to organise! If you book your date in advance, a $250 deposit is required, and you can pay the balance in monthly installments until 2 weeks prior to our session.

The newborn sessions are indoors, so we can still go ahead, even on a rainy day.
If you or your little ones are sick, please try to give at least 24 hours notice, and we can reschedule when everyone is feeling better.

There are no rules here, what you wear is totally up to you and your family, I want you to look and feel like YOU, and not a put-together Pinterest Family. But in case you need some gentle guidance, you can download my What to Wear Guide from the FREEBIE page here on my website. If bub arrived early or you’re feeling you would like a few nice outfits or wraps, I have some simple and beautiful options I’m happy to bring along.

Yes, travel within 45 minutes of Worongary is included in your session. Travel to Brisbane or Byron suburbs is simply a $50 travel fee. I’m happy to consider travel outside these areas. I often road trip down the East Coast to see family in Sydney and the Central Coast, and do a Melbourne trip and a North Straddie trip every couple of years, so please get in touch​ if you’d like to arrange a session.

After your session you will receive your photos in an online gallery that is linked to a professional print shop. You can purchase prints and albums, and I will arrange it all for you so the quality is brilliant, and you get to enjoy your precious photos for generations to come. If you’re more of a DIY gal or want some ideas on how to display your prints you can download my What do I do with my Photos Guide from the FREEBIE page here on my website. Or check out this Blog: Print shop vs. Kmart. What’s the difference?

Let’s bring photos into your family home that your heart truly adores,

that celebrate your family life so you can remember how this chapter feels-

the beauty, the fun, the chaos of your favourite people and your days together.

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Love for Heidi

We absolutely loved spending time with Heidi to capture family moments we will treasure forever!!! The photo gallery we received is incredible.. Somehow Heidi manages to turn even the tricky moments with young children and a newborn into the most incredible photographs. I felt at ease with Heidi and even when life is overwhelming and the washing is piling up, she can bring the perfect outfits for bub on the day so you don’t need to worry about a thing. Our kids adore Heidi (and her camera 😜) so the experience is like having a friend pop over – no pressure to smile or fake a thing! We will continue to book Heidi for our family photos in the coming years and I look forward to printing our recent gallery for the walls of our home 😊


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