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I'm Heidi


If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for the right person who just ‘gets’ what family life is really like. First up, thanks for stopping by. So you can get to know me before I’m all up in your story, here’s a little bit about mine…

​I have two boys aged 8 and 11, who love nothing more than getting dirty and making noise, a super cute golden retriever named Chaos, a hubby who likes avoiding photos and reno projects and a lime green retro caravan called ‘Grug’. We live in the Worongary Hinterland and other than those 2 months of the year I have to wear a cardi, you’ll usually find us in the pool, up a creek, or at the beach. The water is our happy place.

My favourite family photos are the REAL ones. My kids don’t want to ‘sit and smile’ for the camera, and when I’m old and grey I want to remember these days for what they really were. Perhaps they were crazy, exhausting and emotional, but they were also fun and filled with laughter. If I’m too old to remember them, I want my photos of these days to remind me how they felt.

where I've come from

My Journey

After a degree in Anthropology, 10 years in travel, and a Diploma in Photography, the thing that turned my hobby into a business I love, was having my own kids. If you’re a parent, you know the feeling – you want to capture all the little details and fun adventures as they grow. Because they grow waaaay too fast!

Since then, I’ve been privileged to tell the stories of so many wonderful families. I love that every day is different; one day I might be sniffing a newborn’s hair (sigh) and the next hiking through the forest looking for pretty spots to take pictures. I also love that I get to hear your stories, play with your kids and show you the beauty you might be too busy to see. Nothing warms my heart more than knowing we have captured something real and true and special, your family story that will only be treasured more as the years pass by.

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what sets my style apart

My Approach

After 7 years of photographing other families, as well as my own, I know the key to family photo success is not the size of the icecream you bribe the kids with, but the genuine fun and connection you share. Photo shoot day should not be so different from any other, I want it to be a wonderful memory of ALL those happy days you spent together as a family. Whether it’s an arvo at the beach, a morning in the yard, or an icecream on Nans back step, my presence shouldn’t make any difference to what you do and how you do it.

You won’t find me telling you to lay naked in a waterfall draped with your offspring, or suggesting hubby gets himself a cream knitted sweater to match the kids, your photos will only look and feel like you if you’re doing YOU things, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

I believe your family photos should celebrate your beautifully chaotic family life.

I cringe at the thought of matching client wardrobes, boring shoot locations and unrealistically perfect homes.

I hope we share a love of adventure and the feeling of home.

So we can celebrate your kids’ personalities, the weird shit they do and the inevitable chaos that comes with raising a family.

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These are a few of my favourite things...

talics at talle creek with green caravan

Camping trips

boys playing with puppy in outdoor bath family photos

Fur babies

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Photos on the wall

gloucester farm family photo shoot

Family time at my parents farm

talic boys at soccer park

Soccer Mum life

heidi talic fun in gold coast beach with kids

The ocean

cocktails in afternoon sunlight top view down

A tasty gin as the sun sets

farm life outhouse

Kids being kids

heidi talic mum photographer holding fresh baked scrolls

Swedish cinnamon buns

heidi talic family photography album

Flicking through albums with the kids

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What they say


When I first met Heidi I just knew she was the right person to take family photos. Not only because she has a great personality and sense of humour, but also because as a mum to young boys, I knew she could handle my four kids.

I was a bit nervous about having the photos done because we’ve never had professional pics done before (and because of managing our kids!). But our shoot with Heidi was like hanging out with a friend at the beach. We chose a beach location that was significant to our family and she just followed them as they played. She encouraged them to just be themselves and captured their personalities perfectly, in the most authentic and candid way.

When I opened up our album, the music came on and I just started crying. The photos are amazing. Our kids love looking at the photos, and the whole experience of doing it together was really special for us as a family. If you’re considering doing a photo shoot with Heidi, go for it! You won’t regret it.

– Phoebe

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